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Delivery option

A delivery option is part of the configuration of a delivery profile. It holds important informations:

  • Destination: the country your order will be delivered to. You can pick Everywhere to handle all the countries in the world.
  • Shipping fees: You have two options for managing shipping fees:
    1. One item: shipping fee for a single item.
    2. Additional item: shipping fee applicable to each extra item with the same delivery profile; this amount will be added to the initial "one item" amount.

    If you want to establish a unique cumulative delivery price, simply enter the same amount for both "one item" and "additional item".

  • Delivery service (optional): the name of the delivery service you will be using to send out orders.
  • Optional services (optional): three services can be offered with the delivery: gift package, tracking and express delivery. Click here to learn more.


You sell flowers bouquets 💐 and potted plants 🪴

You have several delivery profiles with the following labels and delivery rates:

Flower bouquets

One item: 4€

Additional item: 1,50€

Potted plants (S)

One item: 5€

Additional item: 3€

Potted plants (M)

One item: 7€

Additional item: 5€

Potted plants (L)

One item: 14€

Additional item: 14€

Each profile has custom delivery rates that will reflect the item's cost of shipping. For example, as the items in the profile Potted plants (S) are for small and light potted plants, they will have a lower delivery rate than the profile Potted plants (M) for heavier medium potted plants.

Let's take a look at this customer's order:

💐 Flower bouquets x 4

4€ (One item) x 1 and 1,50€ (Additional item) x 3

One item will have the shipping fee of "one item", the remaining items of the same delivery profile in the order will each have the shipping fee of "additional item"

🪴 Potted plants (S) x 1

5€ (One item) x 1

The only item of this delivery profile will have the shipping fee of "one item"

🪴 Potted plants (L) x 2

14€ (One item) x 1 and 14€ (Additional item) x 1

The shipping fees of "one item" and "additional item" have the same fee

The total delivery fee for this order will be 41,50€ (8,50€ + 5€ + 28€).